Even natural beauty needs a little help sometimes

Scandinavians are often considered to be blessed with natural beauty. Perhaps it is the fresh, clean air, the wholesome food, and the generally high quality lifestyles?

Despite popular belief, not all Scandinavians are tall, slender, blond and blue-eyed with a milky complexion that needs no beauty products. And even those that are all of the above need some TLC and a bit of help from time to time.

Who me, which Scandinavian am I? How nice of you to ask. Well, I fall into the category of the Scandinavian who colours her hair blonde regularly as the fair Nordic look suits me far better than my goth-emo black hair from my teens (and no I was neither a goth or an emo!). I’m the Goldilocks of height, not too tall or too short, just right. I have green eyes and after many years of living in London, my poor pores need much more TLC than I’m currently giving them.

As someone who’s refused to go outside without any makeup until recently, I thought I’d share some of my beauty must haves with you.

Black mascara. The more the better – just as long as you don’t get clumpy, extremely separated lashes that looks more Rocky Horror Show than Old Hollywood Glamour! To keep my lashes lush-ly (I know it’s not even a word!), I pick up Dior mascara whenever I’m rushing through the Duty Free at the airport.

Simple cleansing wipes. Such an easy way of removing make-up and impurities after a long and busy day.

Clinique pressed powder. I was only introduced to it about a year ago, but have become so addicted that when my last one fell on the floor and the little that was left was pulverized,  I actually swore out loud (Note: these are times when knowing a second language can be extremely useful, just in case you don’t want anyone around you to know what you said).

Vaseline Lip Therapy. is a necessity in my handbag. I quite like the rosy lips as it gives the lips a subtle pink tint.

There you have it, some of the must haves in my make-up bag. So what are your staple beauty products?