Oxjam Kilburn comedy festival

After a busy weekend; the Scandinavia Show on Saturday and a mighty Urban Walk around London on Sunday, I was more than ready for bed when I was on my way home on Sunday evening. Then a text from my flatmate ticked in, reminding me of the Oxjam Kilburn comedy festival I had said ‘yes’ to go along to. I had completely forgotten!!

Arriving home, legs aching from my long walk and head aching (lack of coffee I think) it was with heavy steps I walked down the road to Power’s to go to the comedy. I had not heard of any of the acts before, but being informed that one performer would sing about a panda bear cheered me up.

The room was filling up nicely when we placed our derrières on the church pews (interesting) and looked at the stage with wonder of what was to come. Kicking off the four day Oxjam Kilburn comedy festival was compère Jeff Leach (apparently quite famous – I hope my ignorance is excused, I’m foreign after all with much to learn). The acts, even if I had not heard of them before (apologies again) were of really high quality and made me forget about my tiredness. The crowd on the other hand, were a right mixed bunch. And it seemed like the odd ones had gathered at the front; Jenny who go by the play name of Penelope (she must have been drunk); the blonde Tracey who couldn’t stop giggling, before throwing ice cream at Jeff Leach (Thanks for the ice cream Oxjam – such a nice touch!); the guy who threatened to stab Jeff Leach (poor Jeff come to think of it); and not to forget random guy who clearly had just walked off the street (where he might even live…).

The second half turned into a mish-mash of random comments from those mentioned above, at times completely throwing the comedians on stage off their prepared material.  Some of it was actually quite funny, but I am glad I wasn’t one of the comedians.

Oxjam Kilburn is on today and tomorrow at Paradise by Way of Kensal Rise (Alex Zane on stage tomorrow) before coming back to The North London Tavern for Wednesday, where Gail Porter and Rufus Hound take on the Kilburn crowd. For the nice price of £5 (£6 on the door), it is almost criminal not to check it out! And you get to sample ice cream by Gelato Mio (trans. my ice cream).

I’m hoping that The North London Tavern will draw a slightly different crowd than Power’s… And Mr Panda, aka Paul Sweeney, this time I will bring my boyfriend so I won’t ruin your joke!