Should I text him? Amusing infographic for girls (or guys) who like to overanalyse things

Ever since I started doing a weekly round-up for all things social media and digital for work, I’ve developed a love for infographics. A great site to find interesting/amusing visualisations of life’s questions and statistics is

This week I stumbled across this infographic by Becca Clason which looks at a question most girls out there will have pondered more than once: Should I text him?

Click here to see the infographic in more detail.


LOVE doodle by Google

I love Google’s Valentine’s Day doodle which pays tribute to the LOVE sculpture by America artist Robert Indiana, designed in 1964.

On an American stamp

The sculpture

I heart New York

While working I came across this image of the gorgeous cover of New York magazine. I have never been to New York myself – but I hear it is an amazing place and I can’t wait for the day when I finally make it there. It is on my top five list of places to visit. In the meantime,

I heart New York.

Image: magculture

Writings and professional blogging

First of all, to any readers who have visited Nordica in London to read the latest on…well me… in the past ten days, only to find the same old post (although a good one on Oxjam Kilburn Comedy Festival) – I am sorry.

Whilst not expressed here, I have been busy writing, taking photos and editing videos. My works can be found here, here and here – among other places.

I now am an Account Manager at Sutro Digital – email
or tweet me if you are looking for an agency that can help you with your social media activity. I also write for TVScoop and Bridalwave, so if you are a PR with a TV/anything wedding related to promote, do get in touch.

So apart from writing for myself, I now also write for others.

I will write soon – and it will include a song about a panda…