Writings and professional blogging

First of all, to any readers who have visited Nordica in London to read the latest on…well me… in the past ten days, only to find the same old post (although a good one on Oxjam Kilburn Comedy Festival) – I am sorry.

Whilst not expressed here, I have been busy writing, taking photos and editing videos. My works can be found here, here and here – among other places.

I now am an Account Manager at Sutro Digital – email
or tweet me if you are looking for an agency that can help you with your social media activity. I also write for TVScoop and Bridalwave, so if you are a PR with a TV/anything wedding related to promote, do get in touch.

So apart from writing for myself, I now also write for others.

I will write soon – and it will include a song about a panda…

The AppLounge at Meza

Whilst rushing through Soho yesterday in between meetings I stumbled across The AppLounge at Meza (part of the London Design Festival)

According to it’s website, The AppLounge is “a place to meet and discover great apps matched with accessories that fit your mobile life”.

Discovering apps over a coffee or cocktail? I’m interested. Sadly I had no time to pop in as was heading to a meeting with a blogger friend.

Divided into three collections; Urban Voyager, …On the Town and City Dweller, The AppLounge is on until 2 October, so there is still time to check it out.

You can read more about it on WeHeart and find them on Twitter and Facebook too.

Google yourself and you shall find

Have you ever Googled your name? Sure you have, who hasn’t these days! And you don’t need to be a celebrity to find a reason for typing your name into the search box and hitting enter.

Before when I Googled my whole name I would just find random articles about my namesakes in Norway. These days you will find my name attached to a variety of topics, be it twitter, facebook, frozen food, Christmas trees, cemeteries (yes even that!) or printing. And soon, thanks to my new job at Wild Card, you’ll soon find my name attached to food & drink related copy.

The other day though, after reading a question on one of the many emails I receive on a daily basis from the LinkedIn groups I subscribe to, I decided to Google my blog name.

My blog name is a play on the word Nordic (me) with an Italian ending (my year living there) and London (the city I love). It was discussed over lunch with a very good friend, and agreed it was a good name for my blog. I’ve even addressed the names of the online self in this blog before. Now here’s where it gets interesting. If you type in Nordica in London in Google and hit search, what is the first of 159,000 results to appear?

Nordica London is a fertility clinic specialised in sperm donation. The clinic examine and prepare the patients with medicine. The physical treatment takes…

Yep, I’ve chosen a name which is very close to a fertility clinic in London. Brava eh?! So by the looks of it I’ve got a massive SEO operation in front of me, in order to get Nordica in London at the top of the search rankings when it comes to ‘Nordica’ and ‘London’.

That will teach my for not looking up my blog name first. Have you had a similar experience?

Daily London

I love great photography, wanting to be a photographer at times, and am always looking for great photo ops when I’m out and about. But the sad thing with digital cameras is that most photos will sit on my computer or some cloud service, not being seen by anyone – not even myself!

But not anymore. To share my love for photography and London, I have started Daily London –  a photographic project capturing the beauty and soul of one of the greatest and most diverse cities in the world.

Have a look and send any comments my way – I’d love to hear what you think.