Lament and Sorrow for Norway

What started out as a wonderful day with the sun having finally returned to London after weeks of heavy, sorrowful rain, quickly turned into sadness when news broke that central Oslo had been rocked by a bomb blast.

As Norwegian police and emergency rescue personnel fought to help those injured in the attack, the world media and social media erupted with reports from Oslo. Horrified by the sights and stories, I felt an utter sadness that the peaceful country I have grown up in have now had its innocence taken away.

However, no-one knew the tragedy that was to come…

Waking up this sunny Saturday morning to the news that over 90 people have died because of one man is almost impossible to understand. What appears to be the actions of a political extremist who is still alive – is it just me or doesn’t this show off his sadistic self? – will take a while to digest: for those directly affected; for Oslo; for Norway; and for the world.

Like London and the 7/7 bombings  this, the deadliest attack in Norway since World War II, will now forever be part of Oslo’s story.

My thoughts go out to all families and friends directly affected, the people of Oslo and all Norwegians.

“Oslo is a small, small town…”