My favourite London

Living in London is like being in a relationship where you fall in love over and over again. It is amazing that after living here for nearly eight years, the city still manages to surprise me, fill me with astonishment, and make me love the place I live. A city that constantly changes, it is a fantastic playground that will always offer new and exciting adventures and experiences.

As spring has brought with it new life and promises of happier days I wanted to share some of my favourite things and places of London.

Going for long walks along the Thames. The tourists might slow you down from time to time, but walking past so many famous landmarks in the matter of a few hours is amazing.

Enjoying the view of the city from Primrose Hill.

Having the cuisine of the world at your fingertips. Whatever you want you can find it.

The rose garden in Regent’s Park. I never knew this existed until three years ago, but now go there every spring when the roses bloom.

Santore on Exmouth Market. My favourite Italian restaurant in London. Try the Rotolo Rustico if you go.

Clerkenwell on a weekend. It’s so quiet and the perfect place to go walking.

Feeding the ducks in Hyde Park.

Camden. Good bars and a fun market.

Angel. A small town within the city. And more good bars!

The sweet shop in Selfridges.

Bea’s of Bloomsbury’s window display.

More to come…

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