BT Tower fireworks celebrations as London 2012 Olympics are 500 days away

Today it’s 500 days until the London 2012 Olympics, a date that has been marked in several ways: the official ticket website went live; a giant countdown clock was unveiled in Trafalgar Square (it actually stopped a few hours later due to technical issues); and this evening the BT Tower was host to a firework display to celebrate next year’s Olympic Games. Lord Sebastien Coe was present on the media platform, dutifully doing interviews with both radio and TV, before heading off to an unknown destination 30 minutes before the firework show.

As I only had my iPhone on me the picture quality is sadly not great, but here is the BT Tower before, just after and while I was walking to the tube station. Unfortunately due to a foggy London evening the images didn’t get the futuristic look it had last night.

Also check out what the Fitzrovia News had to say about my photo.

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