Today was Fastelavn in my home country of Norway. For me that equals cream filled Shrovetide buns – Fastelavnsboller – but as I’m a) on a very strict diet at the moment and b) not in Norway, head over to Nordic Nibbler for a recipe and scrumptious images!

Fastelavn has roots in the Middle Ages and comes three days before Lent – you’ll have Shrove Tuesday here in the UK this coming week, when people will be feasting on pancakes. But for me this is all about Easter being just around the corner!

Growing up, one of the best things about Fastelavn for me was Fastelavnsris – an old Pagan ritual – where you twine birch branches together and decorate them with brightly coloured feathers (faux of course!) before placing them in a vase. They can be re-used as cat toys if you happen to have a furry creature in your home.

Sadly I have not made any Fastelavnsris for years. Not since moving away from my childhood home come to think of it…  I might just have to revive this tradition next year – it really does brighten up grey winter days!

Here’s a little collection of Fastelavnsris I came across online



<Bagatell on Flickr>

<Solinari78 on Flickr>

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