Serenity and a cup of coffee

Not sure where the first two weeks of January have gone… It only seems like yesterday I was flying back from a snow covered Norway. Since then I’ve had many thoughts fill this head of mine; work, life, play and so on. A recent tweet by a friend lead me to this beautiful photo which pretty much describes the way I want to feel right now.

It also lead me to, a blog dedicated to iPhone Hipstamatics photography. This is a beautiful collection, some of which is currently on display at The Orange Dot Gallery in London. I might have to go for a wander.

This beautiful photo is by Steph and you can see more of her photos here.

2 thoughts on “Serenity and a cup of coffee

    • Hi Steph, it’s a beautiful photo!
      Oooh, I can buy prints. I’ll put it down on my birthday wish-list I think or for when I get my own flat. Would look lovely on any wall x

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