Uncluttering my life and getting organised

Every January that I can remember, I’ve found myself sitting in my room, looking at the clothes, magazines and whatnot scattered around me; things that desperately need a home. Then I’ve remembered the bags with old papers and whatnot that also need to be allocated a space. Thing is, I just haven’t got the space. Well, I do have space, but I haven’t got the necessary boxes/folders/drawers to allocate a ‘home’ to them. Or should I just use bin bags at this stage?

It is once more the first month of a brand new year, and I’ve again set myself the task of becoming organised at home. And this year I will need to get rid of any nonessential items, as October looks to be a month of big change and the beginning of a new chapter of my life, where there might not be room for all the things I’ve been hoarding over the years.

So throughout January I’ll be spending my evenings and weekends sorting out my abode in preparation of a more uncluttered life.

I’m thinking if I take it in small steps and focus on one area at a time it should be done by the time February comes around. Wish me luck!

Image is not actually me but a fantastic find from Feelgood Style.

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