Scandinavia Show 2010

I first read about the Scandinavia Show 2010 in a copy of Scan Magazine which I’d picked up at the Wild Swans shop in Islington. And seeing as my annual summer holiday back to the home country had been scrapped due to various events, I was really excited about the idea of going to a show all about the Northern countries to get my Scandi-fix. And it was also a great chance to introduce my all-British Boy to my non-British background.

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed I met with The Boy, and off we went to Kensington Olympia where the show was taking place. In to the conference centre we went, in the lifts and *ding* were met by the Rekordelig Cider by Sweden stand. Hello Scandinavia! Walking around taking in the food stands; Finlandia Vodka, Norwegian waffles (yum!), Freia melkesjokolade, Danish red sausages, yummy sweets by the Scandinavian Kitchen and much more, I was overwhelmed with a sensation of home. It was the scent of reindeer (too strong of a smell for The Boy’s liking), waffles and getting to speak my native language with others than my family.

We walked around the venue looking at the amazing design that has come out of the Scandi countries – Bang & Olufsen, Nordic Elements to name a few, as well as entering a couple of mini-break holidays to various destinations (pick me please!). I even got a free dvd showcasing the best of Norway by Visit Norway – perfect for the days when I feel a little homesick. And the Moomins were also there. Coming to a 3D screen near you soon.

We also had a in-depth chat with one of the ‘vikings’ present (all English from Leicester, who are part of a Viking warrior reenactment group) – oh my their chain mail is (was) HEAVY – before re-visiting the Rekordelig stand prior to departure.

With perhaps a little less money than what I came with, I left with a much increased Scandi love level. It was good to be Scandified for a little while.

Until next year. In the meantime, I’ll be heading over to the Scandinavia Kitchen more regularly for my fix.

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