On a mission to rock you

If someone says Queen, what is the first thing you think about? Pound notes? A little gray haired lady? Or do you think rock, catchy tunes and bohemian wrap rhapsody?

One of the more famous bands to have come out of the British Isles; giving the world songs like Radio Ga Ga, Killer Queen, Under Pressure, Who Wants to Live Forever and not to forget We Will Rock You; the mighty Queen enjoyed success through the 70s and 80s. Unfortunately the group dynamic changed when singer Freddie Mercury died of illness in 1991. Fast-forward 20 years and the music of Queen has been performed every night at the Dominion Theatre in London for almost a decade, in the form of We Will Rock You.

What’s the story?


It is the year is 2300-something, and all musical instruments, live music and songs have been banned on Planet Mall. Under the control of GlobalSoft, the Killer Queen rules the planet with an iron fist, and the plastic, glitter wearing Ga Ga Girls and Guys obey her every command. Yes it is the World of Ga Ga – fashioned long time before Lady Ga Ga had sung about her Bad Romance (yes Radio Ga Ga inspired her stage name).

Two outsiders, Galileo and Scaramouche, encounter the Bohemian rebels, who worship the ancient musical texts from a time they call Rhapsody. Brit (as in Spears) and Meat (as in Loaf), take them to the Heartbreak Hotel where plans to break down GlobalSoft are hatched. The rebel force is broken by the Killer Queen’s minions, with only Galileo and Scaramouche escaping. Now they have to continue the search for the mythical Place of Champions – which is said to hide the last ever musical instruments encased in rock – alone.

I won’t spoil the ending for you, but I will tell you this: Britney Spears dies to save us all.

But this is not the only Mission Galileo and Scaramouche are on…

Mission Foods have teamed up with the hit West End musical to offer fans 2-4-1 tickets to the show, plus a chance to win a walk on part. How do I enter I hear some of you budding thespians out there ask? Well, first you have to get your hands on one of the tortilla wrap packs with a promo code on, which can then be entered into a prize draw on the We Will Wrap You website – including the chance to take part in the show.

And the wraps? They are quite tasty. In a resealable bag, they stay fresh longer and have unknown uses. Have you thought of making a rocky-road with a tortilla wrap or put whipped cream on top for a sweeter treat before? No, neither had I.

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