Add some sparkle to your life

I’m a firm believer that every girl should have some sparkle in her life. Shiny clothes, body glitter, dazzling diamonds or… sparkling vodka. Yes, you heard me right, sparkling vodka!

I really should get a better camera

On an otherwise low-key Friday afternoon, MJ asked me if I’ve heard of the Swedish sparkling vodka Camitz. No, never. Is there such a thing? How do they make it sparkling? Intrigued by this never-before heard of variant of an otherwise well-known Scandinavian tipple, I gladly accepted the invitation of an afternoon drink experience. (Now, a couple of days later, having put the name and concept through Google, I’m beginning to think I’ve been living under a rock for the past two years. One article mentioning this very product dates back to May 2008!)

According to their website Camitz Sparkling Vodka is made of “the highest quality grain from the celebrated fields of Scandinavia.” Sounds good.

Equipped with a choice of two mixers; orange juice and lemonade, the bottle cork went pop. The result a great afternoon with a good friend, with gossip and laughter.

When it comes to the vodka, here’s a quick summary.

Smell? Having been distilled five times before carbonation, it has a crisp, pure bouquet (if you can use that when describing vodka?). I’ve been told that the less you can smell it, the better the vodka is.

Taste? Strong. However, with a 40% alc/vol it isn’t stronger than other brands on the market. Perhaps it was the time of day that made it seem stronger on the palate… Preferred it with lemonade, but that’s just how I take my vodka normally.

Look? The design looks like a bottle of fizz should, complete with natural cork. A nice touch is the names of its creators Camtiz + Lindberger embedded on the bottle neck.

Verdict. The novelty of a vodka that goes pop might fade with time, but the taste places it up there among the premium brands.

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