Have you met George?

September. The long, hot days of summer will soon be a thing of the past. Once more, the leaves will change their colour, before falling to the ground – silently embracing their fate – leaving behind naked branches that were once covered in vivid green.

Not long ago I mentally started planning my autumn/winter wardrobe. It’s soon time for knitted hats, chunky scarfs and anything else that can keep me warm on the cold evenings. And if looking at Dolce & Gabbana, Nordic patters are very much in vogue this winter.

Usually, I will update my winter wardrobe by placing an order with Mamma Nordica, using her excellent knitting talent to the fullest, which has provided me with many quality, home-made Nordic garments over the years.

Mamma Nordica’s Setesdalskofte.

However, this season, as it’s already September, and my dear Mamma only has two hands (not to mention a job and a life), I thought I’d look elsewhere as well in order to satisfy my Nordic knitwear craving. And as much as I want to, my financial situation unfortunately doesn’t allow me to go to my friends Domenico and Stefano for a fashion fix. But then I was introduced to George.

Last week, whilst out for lunch, Little M, his mami and I stopped by The Hospital Club as the lovely ladies from George at ASDA had invited us to have a sneak-peek at what’s in store (and online!) in a couple of months. Knowing very little about George, not living near an ASDA myself (or having bought any items of clothing at a supermarket before) and having been told that the American George is considered pretty “dowdy”, I was a bit uncertain of what to expect from English George.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by what English George had to offer: on trend Nordic patterns, lace and faux fur jackets of good quality and at reasonable prices!

So whilst Little M was busy checking out the kiddie section and “sampling” the decor, his mami and I got out our Blackberry and iPhone respectively to schedule in a shopping trip.

Then again, having spent yesterday evening in the A&E with Big M after her nasty fall during a charity run, we might just have a cup of java and log on to George.com from the comfort of our home.

7 thoughts on “Have you met George?

  1. The cardi your mum knitted is fabulous!!!!! Would defo love to hear about it if you start selling them 🙂 I really need to start thinking about autumn clothes but can’t quite let go of summer. I’m also quite broke after my holiday so it’s good to know Asda have some good options – thanks for the tip off 🙂

  2. Hey Babe!!
    Didn’t know you’re blogging!! =)
    Hope you’re having a wonderful time in London? Was wondering if I could come vistit soon? <3<3<3

    Håper alt er bra med deg vennen! bor like ved Torp nå, så er jo ikke noe stort problem å ta en tur på kafe med deg en dag i høst?? hihi..

    Klem fra meg

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