Google yourself and you shall find

Have you ever Googled your name? Sure you have, who hasn’t these days! And you don’t need to be a celebrity to find a reason for typing your name into the search box and hitting enter.

Before when I Googled my whole name I would just find random articles about my namesakes in Norway. These days you will find my name attached to a variety of topics, be it twitter, facebook, frozen food, Christmas trees, cemeteries (yes even that!) or printing. And soon, thanks to my new job at Wild Card, you’ll soon find my name attached to food & drink related copy.

The other day though, after reading a question on one of the many emails I receive on a daily basis from the LinkedIn groups I subscribe to, I decided to Google my blog name.

My blog name is a play on the word Nordic (me) with an Italian ending (my year living there) and London (the city I love). It was discussed over lunch with a very good friend, and agreed it was a good name for my blog. I’ve even addressed the names of the online self in this blog before. Now here’s where it gets interesting. If you type in Nordica in London in Google and hit search, what is the first of 159,000 results to appear?

Nordica London is a fertility clinic specialised in sperm donation. The clinic examine and prepare the patients with medicine. The physical treatment takes…

Yep, I’ve chosen a name which is very close to a fertility clinic in London. Brava eh?! So by the looks of it I’ve got a massive SEO operation in front of me, in order to get Nordica in London at the top of the search rankings when it comes to ‘Nordica’ and ‘London’.

That will teach my for not looking up my blog name first. Have you had a similar experience?