Nordica goes to… the Nordic Bakery

This morning, in desperate need for a coffee and a light brekkie, I decided to try out the Nordic Bakery on Golden Square.

Set on the South side of the square, the Nordic Bakery offers a clutter-free and, true to its Northern roots, minimalist food experience. Inside awaits a small selection of tempting open egg, ham & cheese or salmon sandwiches on dark rye or polar bread and a coffee menu to satisfy a coffee thirsty Norwegian (or any other person for that matter!).

I opted for a ham & cheese polar bread and a latte to take away. Whilst waiting for my order I had a look at the few selected food items for sale for any expats who are longing for the national romanticism and light summer nights. The queue increased as the office workers came in for their daily fix and the staff became busier. It was then the woman who had served me pointed to a tray on one of the dark wooden tables “that’s your order”. I politely pointed out that I had asked for it to take away. She looked at me, picked up the tray in a huff, poured the coffee into a take away cup (probably recyclable) and the polar bread in a bag, and handed it to me “next time mention it” – the “it” referring to the “take away” which I had in fact mentioned when placing the order.

So whilst the coffee was good, the polar bread tasty, the whole experience was tarnished by bad service. Nordic Bakery, as an expat, I like your concept and think the food is delicious, but make sure you appoint staff that won’t be rude to your customers.

I will instead go to the Scandinavian Kitchen for my regular fix of all things Scandi/Nordic. Besides a larger selection of food items on sale the staff were so lovely and helpful – not to mention smiley! You can find them on Great Titchfield Street or on Twitter @Scanditwitchen.

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