Let iPhone 4 mania commence

It’s official, the 4th edition of the iPhone is here. Not long after the iPad caused hundreds of fans to queue outside the Apple store on Regent’s Street (still not sure what use the iPad actually has, apart from being pretty), Steve Jobs has taken to the stage again to reveal the fourth generation of the much loved phone.

Photo: Telegraph.co.uk

I won’t pretend to be a complete techie and write about all the features – Mashable has already done that so have a read here – all I know is that just in time for the upgrade on my current O2 contract, a new version of the iPhone is out, and my decision will be “to pay more to upgrade and get the latest version, or get whichever iPhone I can upgrade to for free.” What to do?

Most likely, if the past three years are anything to go by, we’ll soon see yet another edition on the market that will drive any Appleite to reach for his or her credit card to ensure they get the latest gadget on the market.

I’ll let you know what I decide..

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