Walk it London

Oh how I love Bank Holiday weekend. Not only is the lie-in on Sunday morning sweeter, with the knowledge that one gets to do it all over again the next morning. After last night’s Eurovision party at my house, where I was channeling GaGa in honour of the 55th Eurovision Song Contest taking place in my home country, I woke up with restless feet. Feet that wanted to put on good walking shoes and get out and enjoy the sunny, but windy day.

Elisa GaGa

After some contemplation I decided to head for Regent’s Park, one of London’s green lungs which is a beautiful sight when bathed in sunshine. I love walking in London, discovering hidden gems of the city I have called home for a total of five years.  My London native friends are often amazed by my knowledge of the city. Walking, exploring the city and its streets, became a favourite past-time of mine when I first moved back after a stint in Norway in 2008. At this point I was living in King’s Cross and inbetween searching for a job and doing internships, I would often spend a couple of hours a day walking down to the Thames through Clerkenwell and the City, across Tower Bridge and then along Southbank and back home again. Not only did this get me out of the flat, it also kept me from being bored out of my brain. I also used to slot in some cultural education, stopping by the Tate Modern or the British Museum on my walks.

Regent’s Park

Walking in London has become even more fun with MapMyWalk, a site that lets you record your walks and measure it. Today I walked 7.39 miles!! Walking will also hopefully help me complete the 5km Boutique Run I’ve signed up for.

Now off to place my tired feet in a soothing foot bath.

Elisa xx

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