Nordica goes to… the Cotswolds.

In the five years I’ve lived in the city, I can’t say I’ve ventured outside of the Greater London area much. To be honest, counting the couple of trips I’ve had to go on through work, I have really not been exploring the Great British Isles as much as I should have. And I’m a passionate traveller! To be fair, in the past two years I have visited Lisbon, Rome, Northern Norway, Paris & Tokyo.

So, to change that (and to celebrate 2 years of togetherness) this May Bank Holiday weekend, The Boy and I decided to go to the Cotswolds. After much thought, we ended up deciding on Tewkesbury – only to find that it is not actually in the Cotswolds… But it did have a Food & Drink festival, with James Martin doing a cooking demonstration.

So Saturday morning, off we set to the lovely hillsides of typically English heart of England. Driving through the green, rural countryside almost made me a bit nostalgic – thinking back to my childhood, growing up in the North of Norway.

The stay was very pleasant – rain included – and The Boy and I contributed to the local economy by eating and drinking our way through the weekend. We did buy a lot of treats to bring back to friends and family too!

Unfortunately as most good things, the weekend ended far to soon and before we knew it we were back in London. But after a weekend of no tweets, emails or access to the online world (no signal on my iPhone all weekend – thanks O2) it was good to be back.

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