Unreal reality.

I read an interesting article online the other day whilst on the bus on my way to work about Twitter and popularity, false popularity actually (article link to follow so that credit is given where credit is due).

Much like Facebook, people like to think that the more followers (or friends) you have, the more popular you obviously must be. True, if you have lots of followers, your tweets could be interesting, funny, insightful and whatnot. And for some they probably are. But for others they are possibly just an unreal reality. With all the spam and obvious promo Twitter profiles around some, if not a large part, of follower lists may not be actual persons. Or who were real persons at the dawn on Twitter who never really got into tweeting and gave it up.

So if you haven’t looked at your list of loyal followers for a while, you may be in for a surprise. And if anyone asks you how many followers you have (apparently an employer in the States demanded a certain number of followers for interviewees to qualify for a job. Correct answer: 250), you might want to spring clean your list of devotees before answering. The actuality might be very different.

2 thoughts on “Unreal reality.

  1. Hi Nordica,

    The followers and friends on these conversation sites are a bit of a farce, aren’t they? It always makes me smile when a complete unknown wants to be added to my “Network”. (I’d like to put on the record that in real life I never use the “” “” ((inverted commas)) hand gesture; it’s a big thing to me)
    In protest and completely against all internet social convention I love to remain in utter isolation. What is wrong with being an Island?
    Nice post.

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